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Mini massageador elétrico portátil

Mini massageador elétrico portátil

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Brand Name: other

Origin: Mainland China

Application: Foot

Multifunctional Massager: Our versatile massager offers a complete experience with hand massage simulations, pressure points, and kneading to relieve muscle tension, fight fatigue, and promote well-being.

Customizable: With multiple massage modes and adjustable intensities, you can customize your experience, choosing between gentle or deep massages to suit your individual needs.

Portable and Durable Design: Our massager has a compact and durable design, ideal for use at home, in the office or traveling. Improve circulation, relieve stress, and gain energy anywhere.

Versatile Use: Suitable for all ages and lifestyles, our massager meets the needs of the whole family, providing relief for the neck, shoulders, back, legs, and more.

Effective Pain Relief: With 10 levels of adjustment, our massager is effective in relieving pain in various areas of the body such as neck, back, waist and

Legs. Easy to use and carry.

How to use:

-Install host in patch. Note that the clear adhesive film must be torn off to work properly.

Attach the instrument where it needs to be repaired


-Press + key to turn on, the light is always on

-Note that you need to press + key again to turn on

-Massage mode can be selected after the light flashes

-Press M button to select the desired mode

-Adjust the intensity of the massage to suit you. Hold + to increase intensity, hold-to decrease intensity

Technical information:

-Frequency: 1-100Hz

-Time of work: 160 minutes

Precautions to take:

-Do not store the device in high temperature, low temperature or humid environment

-Dirt in packaging affects the effect of use

Mode of cleaning:

-Wipe dirty stains from the massager with a damp cloth of neutral material

-Wipe again with a dry cloth

Additional information:

-Can be carried at any time, can be put in bags, travel, office and so on. Can also relax

-Relieves fatigue and can be worn on neck, shoulders and back

-19 adjustable levels, choose a comfortable massage intensity.

-Techniques of massage: pressure with the fingers, kneading, beating, etc.

-Great gift for family, friends, parents, wife, husband, etc.

-Massage area: full-body.


-ABS plastic

Contains items:

-1 portable massager

-1 cable for charging

-1 manual of instructions

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